July 18, 2021
Marketing/ Video Advertising

Video Commercial for a Clothing Brand "Ambawe"

We created a video commercial for a clothing brand.

The video commercial was created in order to promote the clothing brand’s new line of apparel. The campaign is composed of video commercial of the clothes being worn by models on the set, as well as photos of people wearing them in their everyday lives.

The video starts with an extended shot of various pieces of clothing on models in front of set which was built specifically for this campaign. the Word “Ambawe“ means a story thats why we decided to use old monitors. and the sewing machines are directly related to a brand.


We were asked to film a video commercial for a clothing brand. The client wanted something that would be visually appealing and would showcase the clothes in the best way possible. The video showcased the new clothing line for the Fall/Winter season.

They run the Commercial on various platforms such as Facebook and TikTok. the campaign was very successful and has bought the company many customers.