January 02, 2020
Marketing / Commercial
La Maison

Branding and Advertising for residential building complex

We wanted to show the final product in an aerial video footage. So we composed a 3d model into the video to show it.

The 3D model was created in Maya software. The 3D model was then exported into a 3d file and imported into cinema 4D where it was rendered with the help of Octane renderer and composed into an aerial video footage.

The final product is a beautiful and professional video commercial that shows the project in all its glory.

The video allows the viewer to explore the product and see it from different angles. Apart from the building itself the video clearly depicts surroundings such as the beautiful mountains and nearby beach.

A logo is a symbol that represents a company and is used to identify the company’s products and services.

Logos are often called trademarks, brands, or emblems. The logos we created for this company are simple and elegant. They can be easily identified by customers and they can also be used to design promotional materials such as brochures or flyers.