27 Proven Strategies for Generating Real Estate Leads in 2023

Real estate agents need to sustain a vibrant stream of leads. Times of low-interest rates and pleasant weather may bring a surge of clients, but be aware that inevitable market shifts or seasonal slumps can halt this flow.

To buffer against the volatile nature of the real estate market, equip yourself with an array of innovative methods to generate leads. Let’s explore some forward-thinking approaches to lead generation in real estate, moving beyond traditional mass mailers.

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1. Establish Collaborations

Forge strategic alliances with local businesses to create mutually advantageous partnerships. These can range from co-hosting social events to exchanging client gifts. Let’s delve into some sectors where realtors can foster valuable relationships.

Insurance Companies: Homeowners insurance is vital, and many new homeowners aspire to convert their properties into rentals or businesses. Networking with industry professionals can streamline these transformations.

Personal Bankers: A home purchase is often the most significant financial decision for many people. Personal bankers can provide financial analysis and identify suitable loan options, offering invaluable guidance to buyers.

Commercial Lenders: These professionals play a crucial role in home buying, but most buyers lack a personal connection. Foster relationships with commercial lenders to recommend to buyers when they’re prepared to bid.

Bakeries: Partnering with a bakery is a brilliant move for a realtor. Sweeten your relationship with past clients by sending them baked treats. Alternatively, spruce up your open houses with a dash of culinary delight.

Landscapers: Landscaping significantly influences the first impression buyers have of a property. Recommend professional landscaping to your sellers to maximize their property’s aesthetic appeal. A robust connection could potentially secure a discount for them.

Cleaning Services: Every buyer appreciates a tidy and well-kept home. Partner with cleaning services to offer your clients house cleaning at discounted rates.

Staging Experts: A beautifully staged home can accelerate the selling process. Forge ties with local staging experts to help sell your clients’ homes faster.

Title Companies: An unglamorous yet indispensable partnership. Have a list of trusted companies to recommend to your clients.

Identify businesses with clientele aligning with your goals, and nurture these partnerships. By exchanging referrals and leads, all involved can reap substantial benefits.

2. Host a Housewarming Party

Did a socially active client just settle into their new home? Offer to organize their housewarming party, catering, decoration, or even an open bar. Attend the party, network and make a personal impression.

A housewarming party is an ideal setting to meet potential clients who are likely at a similar life stage as your client. Impress them with the beautiful home you helped their friends acquire.

Is the neighborhood invited? Take this opportunity to inquire if they have considered selling. A sale in the neighborhood typically sparks interest among other homeowners. A housewarming party can effectively turn lukewarm leads into hot prospects.

3. Become a Restaurant Regular

Do you often meet clients in a restaurant or coffee shop? Arrange these meetings at the same place regularly.

You’ll cultivate a rapport with the staff, secure the best tables, and appear well-connected within your community. You might even familiarize yourself with other regulars, positioning yourself as their go-to contact when they decide to buy.

4. Send a Handwritten Note

Take the time to write a personal note to a former or current client, expressing your gratitude for their trust in you as their realtor. Offer assistance for any queries they might have, recommend reliable moving services, or send essential tax documents.

A handwritten note offers a personalized touch, standing out amidst the clutter of unread emails in your client’s inbox. If you feel confident, follow up with a phone call a few days later and request a referral.

5. Use Online Advertising

Invest in online advertising. Platforms like Zillow provide advertising options for realtors, an effective strategy given that in 2021, about 99% of home buyers aged 23 to 56 utilized the internet for house hunting.

Here are some effective methods to promote yourself as a real estate agent online:

– Run Facebook ads
– Run LinkedIn ads
– Answer real estate queries on Quora
– Run Google ads
– Write blog posts for local or national real estate websites

Here’s a sample of an effective Facebook ad.

6. Utilize traditional advertising channels.

Often, the most effective methods to promote your brand and draw in new customers are those that have stood the test of time. Traditional media, such as billboards and printed adverts, can effectively capture the attention of potential clients, ensuring your services remain at the forefront of their minds when they’re in search of their next agent.

Exercise creativity in your advertising efforts. A dash of humor or visually striking images can significantly contribute to distinguishing you from the crowd.

7. Create a personalized website.

Boost lead generation by establishing your unique website.

While your brokerage may provide you a dedicated page on their platform, having your own web presence is crucial. This not only enables you to curate a personal brand and display your expertise, but also to share client testimonials. Additionally, it ensures consistent local market presence even if you switch brokerages.

Expert advice: Make sure to optimize your site. Generate blog content addressing common client challenges during the purchasing process, produce and share informative video content, and collect email addresses for newsletter subscriptions.

8. Identify and cultivate a niche.

Create a niche to attract more real estate leads.

Are you an expert in a specific neighborhood, historical properties, or assisting clients in finding the perfect apartment? Hone in on this expertise! Identify your niche and establish yourself as the leading authority in that area. By focusing your marketing efforts on a particular group, you can build a reputation as the preferred realtor for these clients.

A variety of real estate niches are available, such as:

  • Historic homes.
  • Mid-century modern homes.
  • Luxury homes.
  • Specific neighborhoods.
  • Student rentals.
  • School districts.
  • Specific cities or towns.
  • First-time homebuyers.
  • Condominiums or apartments.
  • Distressed properties.
  • Homes for seniors.
  • Vacation homes.
  • Land.
  • Commercial real estate.
  • Industrial real estate.
  • Property rights.
  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties.

Select a niche that captivates you and immerse yourself in it. Over time, your expertise will grow.

For instance, you could decide to specialize in assisting seniors to find their ideal retirement homes. You would need to understand their unique needs, identify senior-friendly neighborhoods, and network with financial planners who are familiar with the needs of local seniors. A well-developed niche can also simplify lead acquisition if necessary. There are ample solutions to buy real estate leads that yield prospective clients; you simply need to thoroughly understand your target demographic.

9. Leverage “Coming Soon” signs.

Use “coming soon” signs to generate interest in real estate leads.

“Coming Soon” and “Sold” signs, whether displayed on social media or physically at a property, have proven to be effective in piquing interest. “Coming Soon” signs can build anticipation before a home is officially on the market.

Conversely, “Sold” signs can help attract leads from buyers who missed out on a property, triggering them to enlist your services to avoid missing out in the future.

10. Visit open houses.

Are you overlooking open houses as an opportunity to gather new leads? You may be missing out. Many potential buyers, or those about to enter the buyer market, visit open houses without having an agent. This provides the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and offer your expertise in navigating the market.

Expert advice: If you opt for this strategy, refrain from coming across as too pushy or assertive. Overly aggressive self-promotion at another person’s open house is not advisable.

11. Foster leads on LinkedIn.

Join LinkedIn groups that your target audience frequents, such as groups for local real estate investors or first-time homebuyers. Identify the groups your prospective clients engage with, contribute to the discussion, and only then introduce your professional services.

Upon establishing rapport, follow up with potential prospects. You can offer to address their questions further via a call.

Expert advice: If you’re posting in a real estate investment group, consider sharing a blog post about emerging neighborhoods in your city. If a member of your first-time homebuyers group posts a question, provide an informed response in the comments section.

12. Host informative events.

Organize educational events in your local community to generate real estate leads.

Hosting educational events within your community can boost your personal brand and generate new business simultaneously.

Expert advice: Consider partnering with local businesses to host home-buying seminars over lunch. Or, you could co-host an event with mortgage lenders to expand your network.

13. Retain connections with leads.

Did a prospect view three properties with you before realizing they weren’t ready to buy? Do not disregard their contact details. Keep them informed about market trends by sending postcards, including them in your email list, and leaving occasional voicemails to remind them of your services.

Sales expert Jeff Hoffman provides valuable tips for reviving stalled deals. His primary advice? Alter your approach. Instead of following up with a noncommittal buyer months later asking if they’re ready to purchase, try inviting them to a seminar for first-time homebuyers. This more subtle approach will help prevent the prospect from feeling pressured.

14. Focus on “For Sale by Owner” listings.

According to the National Association of Realtors, only 3% of FSBO listings sell within the desired timeframe. Furthermore, only 18% achieved their asking price. Locate these listings on platforms like Craigslist, and offer your expertise to help them maximize their listing.

Share information or statistics about the benefits of working with a real estate agent, then inquire if they’d be interested in learning more.

15. Connect with expired listings.

Obtain lists of expired listings from the MLS. Bear in mind that these sellers may be frustrated with their current realtor and discouraged that they haven’t managed to sell their property, leading to stress.

Begin the conversation by empathizing with their frustrations. Then, offer your unique approach that could expedite the sale of their property.

16. Encourage referrals from satisfied clients.

Word of mouth can significantly boost sales efforts, including those in real estate. It is estimated that 36% of buyers use an agent recommended by a friend, neighbor, or relative. Additionally, 73% of buyers would reemploy their agent.

Your previous and current clients can be a valuable source of lead generation. Maintaining regular contact and ensuring your services are forefront in their minds can yield great rewards. Exceed their expectations by offering exceptional service and comprehensive attention. By building trust with your clients, you’ll be better positioned to benefit from their potential referrals.

17. Pursue divorce leads.

Divorce leads are a potentially fruitful yet sensitive area for real estate agents to acquire new clients.

The urgency behind divorce leads is unmatched. A court order to sell a property tends to prompt action.

Engaging with divorced leads necessitates tact and compassion. Although the situation is often difficult for the clients, if you can successfully appeal to them, you’ll establish a base of highly motivated clients.

Expert advice: Consider becoming certified as a Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce (RCS-D). This will better equip you to assist these clients.

18. Utilize predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics, which analyzes both real-time and historical data to forecast future outcomes, can be employed to generate real estate leads.

Various AI programs enable you to collect and interpret relevant data, which can help identify houses likely to be sold in your area. Armed with this information, you can proactively approach prospective sellers.

19. Amplify your social media footprint.

In the real estate world, you are the face of your brand, which is why a robust social media footprint is crucial for survival.

Ensure that you have a presence on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as these are platforms where you can interact with potential buyers and sellers.

These applications provide an opportunity to market your brand, offering potential clients a solid reference point to understand your services. They add credibility and bring a personal touch to your professional image.

Moreover, these platforms offer more than traditional promotion. As mentioned before, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Twitter threads, and Instagram comment sections can help position you as a trusted and knowledgeable resource for potential clients.

20. Hunt for unusually old expired listings.

While we have already covered the importance of targeting expired listings, this tip delves deeper. There may be added value in exploring listings that have been expired for a longer period.

Many realtors focus on recently expired listings, but few consider revisiting listings that expired over a year ago. These potential clients might have experienced obstacles like poor timing or ineffective realtors.

Don’t assume they’ve given up on selling, they might just need a fresh perspective and convincing approach.

21. Make connections at non-real estate events.

Real estate events are typically crowded with industry professionals, all competing for the same clients, which can make standing out challenging.

Attending non-real estate events, such as local community gatherings or meetups, can provide unique opportunities to connect with potential clients in a less formal setting.

Remember: these aren’t real estate-focused events, so avoid coming off as too pushy. Strive to make your interactions feel as natural as possible.

22. Revert to door-to-door canvassing.

Sometimes, adopting a traditional approach can yield promising results. Door-to-door sales can be an effective method to connect with potential clients within the real estate sector.

This approach can seem daunting, but if you are prepared to face some rejection and persevere, it can put you in a strong position to generate leads.

23. Become a member of your local chamber of commerce.

Membership in your local chamber of commerce can open up numerous opportunities for lead generation. Being featured in newsletters and on websites provides visibility and adds credibility to your brand.

Plus, it presents you with a network of solid business contacts that can introduce you to potential clients.

24. Leverage Instagram stories.

Instagram stories can add a dynamic element to your social media presence. High-quality images of your listings can grab potential clients’ attention and help generate leads.

Quick tours of listings or well-curated images can be an effective way to present your portfolio while driving immediate engagement on your profile.

25. Resort to cold calling.

Sometimes, adopting a hands-on approach to lead generation is your best option. Yes, cold calling can be uncomfortable and often yields a low conversion rate, but it allows you to reach a large number of potential clients and generate leads.

26. Write for industry publications.

Prospective clients expect their agents to be experienced and skilled, with deep knowledge of the real estate industry. Contributing to industry publications, such as magazines or blogs, can effectively demonstrate your expertise.

Establishing connections with reputable publishers and producing insightful content can solidify your position as an industry leader. With this reputation, an increase in leads is inevitable.

30. Consider a real estate coach.

Real estate coaches offer valuable insights, resources, and guidance that can help you generate leads. These professionals have vast industry knowledge and can offer unique perspectives and strategies that you may not have considered.

If you’re struggling to generate leads, consider seeking help from a real estate coach. This investment could prove to be invaluable in boosting your lead generation efforts.

Top Companies for Real Estate Lead Generation

Locating the optimal real estate lead company can seem like an intimidating challenge. However, with the right information, it becomes manageable. Here’s a look at eight top-notch real estate lead companies:

1. Market Leader

Ideal for: Agents desiring a guaranteed number of leads each month.
Pricing: $139, plus $25 per lead

Renowned in the industry, Market Leader has built its reputation by supplying high-quality leads to real estate professionals globally. It offers two lead-generating products: HouseValues, which targets potential home sellers at their most eager-to-sell stage, and Leads Direct, which utilizes pay-per-click advertising to attract both buyers and sellers. Market Leader promises exclusive leads targeting your local market and a predictable number of leads. The service also provides tutorials for users who find the system difficult to navigate.

2. Zillow Premier Agent

Ideal for: Agents seeking a substantial lead pool.
Pricing: $250 per month, $20 to $60 per lead

Zillow Premier Agent goes beyond providing a vast database of homes and listings by facilitating lead generation. The service enables real-time phone connections with active buyers and offers extensive client management tools. Zillow Premier Agent’s robust database of properties and buyers provides a large pool of potential leads. However, some agents may not like the algorithm-dependent system.

3. Zurple

Ideal for: Agents aiming to automate their lead generation process.
Pricing: $309 per month

Zurple offers a comprehensive lead generation platform with features for automated client engagement, lead nurturing, and sales enablement. The standout feature, Intelligent Conversations, engages leads on your behalf and provides insights into their intent level. Zurple caters well to busy agents wishing to automate their lead-generation process but some customers report difficulties in reaching customer service.

4. BoldLeads

Ideal for: Agents desiring a comprehensive lead generation system.
Pricing: $269 to $399, plus $250 minimum ad spend

BoldLeads provides agents with direct access to buyer and seller leads, combined with a follow-up system, CRM, and marketing tools. While BoldLeads has received complaints about the quality of leads and ownership issues, it remains a robust choice for agents aiming for more qualified leads.

5. RedX

Ideal for: Agents seeking various pricing packages.
Pricing: $39.99 to $119.98

RedX connects agents with homeowners intending to sell their properties and provides a suite of lead generation tools. Its Power Dialer tool enables quick connection with potential sellers. However, some users report unreliable customer service.

6. Offrs

Ideal for: Agents seeking a quick, simple lead generation method.
Pricing: $0.10 per exclusive lead, $300 a month per ZIP code

Offrs uses artificial intelligence to generate seller and buyer leads. It also offers daily lead delivery and an automated workflow. Despite some complaints about low-quality leads and lack of integrations, Offrs remains a viable choice for fast, easy lead generation.

7. Realtor.com

Ideal for: Agents desiring access to up-to-date buyer data.
Pricing: $200 per month

Realtor.com’s Connections Plus leads program helps agents tap into the right buyers at the right time. It provides updated buyer data, automated texts, and customizable Market Insights reports. Despite its high cost and limited availability of territories, it remains a favorite among agents.

8. Real Geeks

Ideal for: Agents looking for an all-inclusive lead management solution.
Pricing: $299 per month

Real Geeks offers a suite of tools providing a complete solution for agents to manage their leads. It includes a client-facing app delivering real-time property updates and an AI assistant for new lead engagement. Some customers, however, complain about the lack of pending listings displayed and agent subdomains.

By trying out these tactics, you can invigorate your real estate business. To gather a diverse clientele, go beyond the traditional methods and employ these real estate lead generation techniques to boost brand awareness. A touch of creativity can help your business reach unprecedented heights.